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ATTN: If you have a way to reducing lag. Please, help our clan on how to reduce their lag on our "Help Zone page" located at the bottom !                                         Keep it up! & Kick Bootay! --ChrisW38

 -- Clan Requirements changing in November 2011. 

- Clan Rank CSM +

- Clan KDR .93 +

Anyone below .80 KDR will be kicked!

 -- Clan needs to work on Clan Waring.

-- Get more Clan Members to join our website.

 --Get more Clan Members CBL Verified.

 T.M Clan Website Updates

 Entire Website (See top of Home page for details.)

TMagnitude Updates

** Currently HIRING More Staff! **

 Entire Website (See top of Home page for details.)

Want to play Combat Arms with less laggs?

 If you would like to have something or an idea for the Clan website, please notify me by clicking my banner below. --Thanks,

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Combat Arms

The History of The.Magnificents

The History: For years, our nation has been a peaceful society and we have lived in secrecy. With the combination of guns and nades, we have invented and mastered a magnificent combat style, which no one has seen for years. The Combat Arms Community has lived in an inhospitable area, with hackers surrounding the community. No nation has ever tried to set foot in the nation. Our Magnificents are proud and take their missions seriously. We Affiliate with other hack-free clans for good services. Our Magnificents are dedicated for their effort to provide a fun and clean gaming environment. With a Magnificent War coming up, we can not just sit by and let Hackers and any other nation overrun us, it is time for us to rise up and join the hack-free alliance, and help the combat arms world.

How The.Magnificents were born: A long time ago there was a clan called "Sons of L1berty". They loved to clan war, and they defeated a lot of opponents even the strongest. Until, one day it all ended.. without any explanation. 

Then one day a Soldier said, named ChrisW38 and the head admin, named ElWolverine, and a few other soldiers.. One was named SugaryIce decided that.. Hey, we need to do something.. "The.Magnificents" was born.

[

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    Please, notify a Admin/Mod or post in the forums if you want to add a song!

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